Friday, 3 August 2012

Sorry...Did You Say Something?"

Often when people are talking to me, I’m not listening. My brain has already wandered off to some foreign valley where dreams are born and wishes come to be. I stare blankly at their faces, smile and nod, but am not really paying attention. I’m in flight on the back of an eagle feeling the rush of the wind as it washes my body clean from the filth of the ordinary. I’m rolling through the grasses of a long forgotten glen, carelessly absorbed the sweet freshness of the summer’s innocence. I’m totally enthralled in the book I read yesterday, as still it takes my mind into the dark depths of unknown caverns exploring the cracks and crevices that lead to the Earth’s core.

I see your mouth moving and watch the spit dangle from your bottom lip. I wonder if you know you have a piece of black stuff caught between your teeth or that you already lost me when you said hello. "Sorry...did you say something?"

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