Tuesday, 3 July 2012

This is a Blog About Stuff!!

I am thrifty, and by thrifty I mean cheap! I love metal, rust, old stuff and re-purposing. It is my belief that a home should be filled with pretty things that the owner loves, old, new or new to you.I will salvage, hunt and dig through your garbage to retrieve a cool piece that can be turned into something creatively beautiful. I am a published writer of 2 amazing children's books, 'I Want a Dragon' and 'Zero the Super Hero' and am working on an adult historical fiction novel titled, 'Of Lions and Lambs'. I have ADD and like to bounce around topics and interests, and that's why I am A Chick with Stuff. I will post what ever meets my fancy that day whether it's a piece I have created, a story that I'm working on, a book signing or something that just pops into my head cause there is lots of room in there. I think life is an incredible adventure and every day a wonderful gift.

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