Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Shelves of Destiny.

So this morning I tackled my office/storage space. We have been living in our home for a little over a year  and although I love my cozy joint, this little nook at the top of our third floor made me crazy. Why would the designer have put in a counter/desk area at the top of the stairwell?  Didn’t he foresee that I would desperately need storage space for all my doo dads? Mr. Stuff wanted to pull the whole unit out and build a cabinet, but I said, "Whoa, Mr. Stuff, don't be doing that! Let's just build some shelves so i can stack all my cool stuff and maybe, one day use this as an office."

 Mr. Stuff had been quite patient with the stacks of treasures and papers that were piled high and toppling over because I am a lousy stacker and am spacial relationally challenged. He promised that one day soon (1 year ago) I would have functionally beautiful (as I requested) shelving to adorn this spot. Well, this weekend Mr. Stuff came through! And, after a weekend filled ‘honey do’ list (that I had made the previous Thursday and I crossed out as each job was completed because that's what the books say will motivate someone into doing what you want, and is like rewarding a job well done), set to work on hanging The Shelves of Destiny. It was a painfully grueling task, and once the measuring, re measuring, hole making, head shaking, new swear word creating, taking a break to finish a blender full of strawberry daiquiris was accomplished, Ta Daaa!!! The shelves were up and ready to be filled with pretty, pretty finds and all my writing paraphernalia.

Mr. Stuff made my long weekend with his show of husbandly perseverance and great feats of figuring out sloped hangers. You are my hero!

Kudos to you Mr. Stuff!! You are the best husband I have ever had! I think I will keep you on staff.

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