Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Decor on a Budget

So, you’ve been paging through the home decorator magazines and have decided to take on the adventure of decorating your home. But, how many of us actually have the cash it takes to hire an interior decorator, or buy from the home décor shops featured in those magazines? Decorating doesn’t have to break your bank account, nor does it have to be complicated.

Want to change-up the color of your space, but don’t want to pay full price for paint? Go to your local Home Depot or paint store and ask if they have any mis-tints.  Often times the paint department has a difficult time matching colors, or simply mixes the colors wrong. The store doesn’t want to throw out a full can of paint, so they discount the can, deeply discount it to ensure it will sell. Find a neutral or earthy color because these are the easiest colors to match décor to. Creams, browns and sages are your best bet. These colors can be dressed up or down depending on your style. If you want to paint a large area find colors that are close in shade that you can combine in a larger pail.  Usually you can find different shades of white and cream that can be used to paint baseboards, trim and doors. Just make sure it is the same type of paint. You don’t want to mix acrylic and latex paint together.

Thinking the curtains and cushions might need a change as well? Go to the thrift stores or fabric centers. There are tons of material options in each. End of the roll bargains, and old drapery are great ways to find material on a budget. Materials like tooling, cottons and old brocade make beautiful additions to any home’s décor. Can’t sew? No problem. The glue gun is a miracle worker. Hot glue can be used to hem curtains, build pillow covers, and add bobbles and trinkets to any creation. Browse the jewelry section of thrift stores. You’ll be surprised at the treasures you find that will add that finishing touch to curtain tie backs and throw cushions. Earrings, broaches and strings of glass beads are waiting for you at yard sales, retro shops and dollar stores. Just be creative.

Worried that your décor might not match? Don’t worry. The home decorator’s best friend is her likes. If you like that vintage hat you saw at the Salvation Army, buy it. It’s your home and should be filled with things that define who you are. Just keep the colors in the same palate as you are decorating and you can’t miss. If you’re still unsure about color schemes, grab some paint sample swatches from the hardware store and you’re set. The swatches are designed to help you stay with colors that work together.

Now for the finishing touches. Why not incorporate nature into your home? You can’t miss with this one. Everything in nature matches because as the seasons change, so do their colors. Grab a box or basket and take a walk around your local park. Branches make incredible curtain rods, and if you’re unsure about their color, spray paint them. Find some willow branches and create your own natural wreath. Wind tooling around it to soften the look and add buttons, leaves or pine cones, whatever you like. Again, your home is all about you and your likes should be the foundation of its décor. Tie together bunches of branches with raffia, twine, or lace. Stand them in the corner of your dining room or living room. Fill baskets with pine cones or river pebbles, place unique stones, fossils or drift wood in your bathroom or bedroom. Nature brings peace and solitude to a home. Fill your home with the stillness of natural beauty. By bringing the outdoors inside, you can create a dramatic look for free.

Yard sales and thrift stores are endless sources of decorating supplies. You can buy old books for pennies. Use them in piles in between family photos, or find books filled with crafts or nature pictures and display them on your coffee and end tables. Take old picture frames, hang them from one corner and tie raffia, a scarf or checkered material on them. Beautiful wall art for less than $5.00. Look for jars of buttons, boxes of broken jewelry and crystal looking vases. Fill the vases with buttons, gems or pebbles. Snatch up an old painting. If you can find one that has a nice frame, repaint it. Not so keen on the artwork? Use it as a new canvas and paint a new creation yourself. Or, paint the picture black and glue family photos, pictures of your pet or clock works to it.

Remember, your home should reflect who you are. Don’t feel pressured to mimic a magazine layout or follow the newest trends. Be happy in your space. After all, your home is your castle.

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