Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What Should I Do..So Many Pretty Things

Here is my dilemma.

I have been collecting pretty, pretty unique, antique and vintage things for an upcoming sale in which I am a vendor, and don't know what I should  keep and what I should sell. I love all of it because I made a decision a while ago to only bring home items that I love just in case they don't sell and I keep them here a bit longer. Here is my dilemma, I LOVE IT ALL!!! I love the old dressers, and desk, and chairs, the sewing machine, the gears, the lamps, the tools and strange shovel. I love the violin, and skates and incubator, the mirror, 2 pictures, bottles, burlap sacks, the 3 wooden step ladders and 2 wooden ironing boards and all the other stuff buried in the garage. But...I am not loving the picture editing program I use.  Any way I save this picture it ends up sideways.

Oh well, I'm A Chick with Stuff, not a computer genius!