Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My First Review for Of Lions and Lambs

My historical thriller, Of Lions and Lambs is planned for ebook release around the middle of October and hard copy release by the end of October.

I am more than THRILLED to add this book review to the back of my novel. OHHHH YA!!!!!! :)

Of Lions and Lambs by Vanessa Canevaro
“Of Lions and Lambs” is the story of Sophia, a young nun-in-training at the Sisters of Holy Redemption convent.  A caring, compassionate woman, Sophia has trouble sleeping at night, plagued by nightmares of a biblical and cataclysmic nature. Seeking the truth behind these terrible visions of Armageddon, she asks the convent’s priest for help, and together the pair realizes that a devastating chain of events has been set into motion, an ancient evil slowly awakening and out for vengeance against the whole of humankind. Over the following hours and days, Sophia witnesses a series of dark omens that seem to point to a long-lost prehistoric artifact as our only hope for survival. She learns that entire tracts of history have been omitted from the Bible, and it is up to her to uncover the truth and fit together the missing pieces of the past before time runs out.  Despite what you may have heard, it turns out that ignorance isn’t always bliss.  Sometimes it’s death.

“Lambs” is author Vanessa Canevaro’s first foray into the world of historical fiction, and it is utterly fantastic.  Interspersed with short vignettes featuring familiar biblical faces like Adam and Eve, Lazarus, and Mary Magdalene, this novel reads like a Dan Brown novel with a welcomed delicate touch.  “Lambs” reimagines the origins of our species, taking the reader on an adventure across ages and continents that is part thriller, part folktale.  The action starts off a bit confusingly – with a prologue that effectively establishes the conflict, while also muddying up the narrative’s waters – but, overall, “Lambs” is a beautiful, imaginative piece of fiction and a terrific maiden voyage for Canevaro.
This novel has yet to be released – look for it soon!

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