Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Vendor's Market and Treasures that Didn't Make it Out of My House

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a part of a wonderful vendor's market at All Through the House & Red Barn Mercantile in Okotoks, AB.

If you know me you will also know that I am an absolute FREAK for anything antique, vintage, industrial, shabby chic or rusty so this event was the perfect place for me to show my wares and make connections. It was an stellar day of meeting wonderful new people who have the same passion for all things old and pretty as I do (not to mention it was pretty darn cool to make some money to help feed my treasure hunting addiction as well.)

This is my booth at the market. Of course Monika and Karin from All Through the House and Red Barn Mercantile had everything organized and were amazing hostesses.

Sometimes when I find treasures there are a few that definitely wouldn't break my heart if they didn't sell. That little iron doll bed has found a home with me. I loved it from the start and don't know how I could have ever thought I could live without it. It's probably why I didn't try super hard to sell it. MINE!!! That orange chair stayed with me as well. I have visions of it painted red or cream with a French pattern or burlap coffee bag cushion added for comfort. MINE!! And for some crazy reason I have grown attached to the two colorful bird pictures with the black frames. They just grabbed me. MINE!! Also, three of those antique wooden radios have been claimed for my home. YAYYY!!

I love hunting for treasures and always items are purchased with the intention of reselling them to a good home, BUT sometimes these treasures don't even make it out of my house again because I really have fallen in love with them.
 This large gold plaster frame went directly from a flea market to my bedroom. It is now hanging lovingly beside another gold plaster frame. They will live happily ever after.
 NEVER do you find a complete wash set with a pitcher, basin, shaving cup, soap dish and cup. How could I possibly let these beauties go? Yep, had the same issue with the pretty chamber pot and salesman case as well.
 I have decided that I need to start collecting ironstone. Don't know why, but I love it. This milk pitcher and bowl are the perfect start to my collection.
 How could anyone walk away from these cute inkwells. They are a family and it would just break my heart to separate them. This grouping is from The Netherlands.
This one is gorgeous!! She was all alone at the same flea market I purchased the gold frame from. Nothing this pretty should ever stand alone. That's why I saved her and I believe she is very thankful.

Ya...I seem to keep some of my finds as rewards for a job well done. I put a lot of hours looking for just the right things to add to my collection and OH, add to my goods for sale as well. Just feeding my addiction.

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