Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Perfect Book Cover

Today I am working out ideas for the perfect cover for my historical fiction novel, "Of Lions and Lambs".

This is an integral part of the whole publication process because the book's cover can actually make or break a book's saleability factor. The cover must have important "grab and buy" appeal, must be eye catching and give the reader a brief understanding what the novel is about; so color, graphics and the overall presentation is imperative when creating this masterpiece. I'm all about the shiny, sparkly, jazzy take-advantage-of-my-A.D.D. type-book covers, but is this typical for all? Children's book covers must be fun, bright and active, but what about adult novels?

What do you look for when grabbing a book off the shelf? Before you even get the chance to read the back cover blurb, what draws your attention to the book? Is it the color? The picture? Or just the author it is written by?

Eye catching, colorful, fun
Bright, dynamic, exciting

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